Proudly announcing our new Sponsor…


I would like to proudly announce our newest sponsor of the podcast

Jewelry This Way.


Jewelry This Way is a gold only jewelry company that offers handmade jewelry made in good ole Tennessee. The jewelry is made by piercers for piercers, paying attention to the detail that we all look for. However, that is not the best part about them, the best part is that when you peruse their stock on their website,, you will only see their current stock levels of products. That means zero turnaround time, just click, buy and wait for your jewelry to show up in the next few days. For most of us, the wait for jewelry is a constant struggle but with Jewelry This Way’s system, you can only order what’s made. This is great for when those summer rushes for when seam rings and daiths deplete your stock.

Jewelry This Way is also offering our listeners an awesome chance to try them out or if you are a current customer, a thank you for listening to this podcast. Next time you make a purchase on, use the code “RealTalk” to save 5% on your total purchase.  That is as easy as it comes to save a little bit of money while trying something new.  Check them out and help us support the sponsors that support the message that our podcast provides.

Episode 38 – APP Conference 2019: Planet Hollywood Edition


In this week’s episode, we cover our favorite thing every year, the annual Association of Professional Piercer’s convention in Las Vegas. This year marks the 24 year of this event. It also marks a change of venue from Bally’s to The Planet Hollywood Casino and with that comes a whole bunch of new and exciting things.

We sit down with one of my dearest friends and honorary co-host for these conference episodes. Cale Belford, owner of Uzu Organics and Oleander piercing joins us again to tell us all about the new hotness that conference has and to go over how to survive a week long convention.

So without further ado, listen in as we talk about how to survive for first timers, what’s new for repeat attendees and what amazing things are in store for you.


Cale can all be found on her personal Instagram, her jewelry company or in her studio.


Links from this weeks episode:

Official Site for 24 Annual Conference & Checklist

APP Conference Attendees Group on Facebook

This episode sponsored by PunkMedics, Amory Body Arts and Jewelry This Way.

Episode 38 – APP Conference 2019: Planet Hollywood Edition

Episode 37 – Smashing the Mirror: Being True to our Online Personas


In this week’s episode we decided to go against our usual style of the podcast. This episode is a frank and honest discussion between friends about a topic that is an ever-constant thing within our industry. We decided to do this format for this roundtable because myself and our guests have been friends for numerous years and it’s something that deserves brutal honesty to show our listeners that they aren’t alone in their feelings. So what are we talking about then? Internet personas and representations of character, both in person and on social media. With these, we have positives and negatives but which is which? Are we doing more harm than good?

We sit down with some longtime friends, all providing a different perspective on this honest discussion. Former guest, Colin O of Laughing Buddha, joins us again to give a viewpoint on how his persona is handled radically different depending on the platform. Former sponsor and owner of Other Couture Jewelry, Mike Knight, weighs in on his work with celebrities hasn’t changed his lifestyle or business and  lastly, Perry Doig of Rose Gold San Francisco asks some questions that really make you think about your situation.

So without further ado, listen in as we talk about how the way you present yourself could actually be hurting you as a professional, how amazing breakfast casseroles are and how your image is not your reputation.


Colin O, Perry Doig and Mike Knight can all be found on their Instagrams or in their studios respectively.

This episode is sponsored by PunkMedics and Amory Body Arts.

Episode 37 – Smashing the Mirror: Being True to our Online Personas

Episode 36 – All of us have a place in history: The Body Piercing Archive


In this week’s episode, we decided to talk about something that means a lot to me personally. This episodes discussion is about something that has affected each and every one of us in this career. It is something that without, we would not be where we are today. As people, as artists, or even as a society. Today’s topic is history, and more specifically the Body Piercing Archive.

The Body Piercing Archive is a committee within the Association of Professional Piercers that is tasked with researching, collecting, preserving and informing our industry for not only the current generation but also for future generations to come. We sit down with the forever-charming Paul King, former APP board member and piercer at Cold Steel America in San Francisco, California and Devin Ruiz-Altamura, committee member of the Body Piercing Archive. Many know that our industries roots are ones that stem from different subcultures and were also hidden out of public view but not many know the work it takes to find that information decades later.

So without further ado, listen in as we talk about the mission of the archive itself, how I now imagine Paul as the “Indiana Jones of Porn” and the future of the body piercing archive.

*Contains Spoilers for APP 2019 Piercing Archive Exhibit.*

Paul and Devin can be found on their Instagrams or at their studio, Cold Steel America in San Francisco, California. 

This episode sponsored by PunkMedics and Amory Body Arts.

Episode 36 – All of us have a place in history: The Body Piercing Archive

Proudly announcing our new Sponsor…


I would like to proudly announce our newest sponsor of the podcast, PunkMedics. 


For those that know Badur and his company, I don’t need to tell you all the amazing things that they make or all the things that they do for our industry. But for those that don’t, PunkMedics is a Canadian based company who has been actively supporting and sponsoring piercer education for over 4 years. You may have met them at the annual APP conference as they have volunteered for the last 7 years. His company has provided our industries very first natural botanical based aftercare system for healing body modification procedures. The entire product line has,is, and will remain vegan and cruelty free.The products have been handmade for the last 14 years and are some of my favorite items for aftercare. Holey Butt’r and Simplecare are not only spectacular items but are ones that many listeners have seen in their friendly local piercing or tattoo studio.

Here at Real Talk, we carefully choose who we align ourselves with for sponsorship. We believe Badur and Punkmedics do so much good for the industry and couldn’t be happier with them choosing to support us and all our endeavors. So please take some time to go over to and check out all the amazing things they offer and try some out for your next body modification.

Here’s to the start of a beautiful friendship!


Episode 35 – Making it your Own: Revamping Studios


In this week’s episode, we are going to be discussing a topic that seems to becoming more and more important. As many individuals strive to become higher end or to improve their situations, the only option for many seems to be taking over a business or starting your own. However, who is going to help? What things should I focus on? How can I create a space when there are no days off?

We sit down with Christy Lillard, Owner of Laughing Buddha Body Piercing and industry veteran of over 20 years, to talk about revamping shops and businesses. Whether you purchased one to renew, taking over the piercing side of a shop or even just starting out. This episode is full of some amazing information from someone who has started multiple successful businesses from scratch and successfully taken over previously owned ones.

So without further ado, listen in as we talk about creative ways to build and create a new space, what we learned in the process and transiting into a new shop family.


Christy can be found at all of her businesses and their social media, as well as on her Instagram as ChristyLillard.

This episode sponsored by Amory Body Arts and PunkMedics.

Episode 35 – Making it your Own: Revamping Studios

Episode 34 – You Can’t Make Everyone Happy:Dealing with Customer Criticism


Welcome back everyone, in this week’s episode we decided to talk about one of the most dreaded things in our industry, negative customer reviews and unhappy customers. This is something we all know about and we all hate reading or experiencing.  However, we know these are an unpleasant fact in this day and age when everyone has the ability to be a reviewer. So how do we handle this? Do we fight back, do we put on a grin and bear it or do we look at ourselves and try to improve?

We sit down with this episode’s guests, piercer and owner of Six16 Piercing in Pittsburgh, PA; Nick SanGregory gives a direct response with dealing with clients and tells us when it’s ok to say enough is enough. While Brianna Sheehan of Mint Piercing gives her expertise as one of the most experienced front-end staff veterans of the industry on how you can change these scenarios by connecting with clients and understanding where they are coming from.

So without further ado, listen in as we tackle unruly customers, talk about the importance of “internet faces” and how to grow from the experience.

Brianna and Nick can be found on their Instagram’s or at their studios respectively.

This episode sponsored by  Amory Body Arts.

Episode 34 – You Can’t Make Everyone Happy:Dealing with Customer Criticism