Amazing Patreon Reward!


In episode 41, you heard us talk about how Badur at Punkmedics made us some super limited edition tins of Holey Butter with our logo on them! Badur did this as a total surprise and if I do say so myself, I am blown away with how generous this is.


So how do you get one of these? If you join our patreon by July 31st for the month of August, at the 10$ tier.You can get one of these tins sent with a personal thank you right to your doorstep. This is only for the first 20 people, and who knows if we will ever do this again,so If you want to join this community and get this awesome reward, head over to

In the future, if you ever want to help us out by doing more then just listening, consider joining our patreron to join our ever growing community of supporters. These donations in any size to our patreon fuel my ever constant and continued effort to provide higher quality podcasts in both audio and content.


Episode 41 – Community Outreach: Working within your Area


In this week’s episode; we wanted to focus on a topic that I am very passionate about. It is something that when done correctly, can have a ripple effect of positivity in your community. The topic at hand is that of Community Outreach. This can mean something different to every individual but this episode is going to focus on the act of helping and providing services or acts of kindness to the population that can do good within your community. However, as businesses how do you know if what you are doing is actually not only helping the community but also helping your livelihood?

I sit across the virtual table with my longtime friend, Woodstock Bader. A man of many hats. Piercer, Tattooer, Scarification Artist, and shop owner of The Crow’s Nest and Retrospect Tattoo Removal in Iowa.Woodstock has done some amazing work within his community. We felt he was the perfect guest to discuss how important helping people truly is.

So without further ado, listen in as we talk about the effect of kindness can have, how to break the mold of being “that business” in your community and how not to donate yourself out of business.


Woodstock and his businesses can all be found on their Instagram or on their studios websites respectively.  If you want to ask him questions about his work within the community, you can email him directly at

This episode is sponsored by PunkMedics, Jewelry This Way and Amory Body Arts.

Episode 41 – Community Outreach: Working within your Area

Episode 40 – Apprenticeships


In this week’s episode, we talk about one of the most requested topics since I started this podcast. It seems that every week, I get messages and emails asking for advice about it. Not only do I get questions about how to get one but also if individuals are getting the most out of them. We are going to be discussing Apprenticeships.

We sit down with my longtime friend, Jef Saunders of Gamma Piercing in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Jef was a perfect choice for this episode. His many years as a shop owner, training several apprentices and helping to develop things within the Association of Professional Piercers has made him a wealth of information on the topic. In addition to that, his body piercing blog,, had a well-written description about what an individual such as himself looks for in an apprentice. Covering training, attributes and the such. Jef and I go over this and what we both find desirable. We also discuss other difficult to discuss aspects for those already with apprenticeships, such as is the apprenticeship worth your time and energy and should you just start over?

Listen is as we talk about the attributes the industry looks for in apprentices, why Instagram messages are the worst form of communication and what things you should look for in a good teacher.


Jef can be found on his Instagram, his blog, or at his place of business, Gamma Piercing.

This episode sponsored by PunkMedics, Amory Body Arts and Jewelry This Way.

Episode 40 – Apprenticeships

Episode 39 – The Other Side of the Coin: A Conversation with Makers


In this week’s episode, we talk about a topic that seems to be here until it goes away, long wait times and the issues that come along with this drought. However, more often than not, we are speaking about this as a customer or client. But what is it like for makers of jewelry and products for our industry. Does the stress of looming queues and angry customers affect them? Do all those jabs and nasty comments from our frustration affect them? Tonight we will find out.

We sit down and have a discussion with makers of jewelry and products in our industry to discuss what it is like for them in the current climate of long production times and shipping issues. Jared Karnes Of Onetribe, discusses  his shift in production systems and the advantages they bring. Andy Dunn of SouthShore Adornments, regales us with his frustration of shipping issues and how expensive replacing those items are. Lastly, Badur Ramji of Punkmedics, tells us the hardships that happen when dealing with products that have shelf lifes and how being a one man operation is all consuming.

So without further ado, Listen is as we talk about what they wish customers knew, what happens behind the scenes and how they handle our constant demand.



Jared, Andy and Badur can all be found on their Instagrams or their companies respectively(Onetribe, SouthShore Adornments, and PunkMedics).

This episode sponsored by PunkMedics, Amory Body Arts and Jewelry This Way.

Episode 39 – The Other Side of the Coin: A Conversation with Makers




Proudly announcing our new Sponsor…


I would like to proudly announce our newest sponsor of the podcast

Jewelry This Way.


Jewelry This Way is a gold only jewelry company that offers handmade jewelry made in good ole Tennessee. The jewelry is made by piercers for piercers, paying attention to the detail that we all look for. However, that is not the best part about them, the best part is that when you peruse their stock on their website,, you will only see their current stock levels of products. That means zero turnaround time, just click, buy and wait for your jewelry to show up in the next few days. For most of us, the wait for jewelry is a constant struggle but with Jewelry This Way’s system, you can only order what’s made. This is great for when those summer rushes for when seam rings and daiths deplete your stock.

Jewelry This Way is also offering our listeners an awesome chance to try them out or if you are a current customer, a thank you for listening to this podcast. Next time you make a purchase on, use the code “RealTalk” to save 5% on your total purchase.  That is as easy as it comes to save a little bit of money while trying something new.  Check them out and help us support the sponsors that support the message that our podcast provides.

Episode 38 – APP Conference 2019: Planet Hollywood Edition


In this week’s episode, we cover our favorite thing every year, the annual Association of Professional Piercer’s convention in Las Vegas. This year marks the 24 year of this event. It also marks a change of venue from Bally’s to The Planet Hollywood Casino and with that comes a whole bunch of new and exciting things.

We sit down with one of my dearest friends and honorary co-host for these conference episodes. Cale Belford, owner of Uzu Organics and Oleander piercing joins us again to tell us all about the new hotness that conference has and to go over how to survive a week long convention.

So without further ado, listen in as we talk about how to survive for first timers, what’s new for repeat attendees and what amazing things are in store for you.


Cale can all be found on her personal Instagram, her jewelry company or in her studio.


Links from this weeks episode:

Official Site for 24 Annual Conference & Checklist

APP Conference Attendees Group on Facebook

This episode sponsored by PunkMedics, Amory Body Arts and Jewelry This Way.

Episode 38 – APP Conference 2019: Planet Hollywood Edition

Episode 37 – Smashing the Mirror: Being True to our Online Personas


In this week’s episode we decided to go against our usual style of the podcast. This episode is a frank and honest discussion between friends about a topic that is an ever-constant thing within our industry. We decided to do this format for this roundtable because myself and our guests have been friends for numerous years and it’s something that deserves brutal honesty to show our listeners that they aren’t alone in their feelings. So what are we talking about then? Internet personas and representations of character, both in person and on social media. With these, we have positives and negatives but which is which? Are we doing more harm than good?

We sit down with some longtime friends, all providing a different perspective on this honest discussion. Former guest, Colin O of Laughing Buddha, joins us again to give a viewpoint on how his persona is handled radically different depending on the platform. Former sponsor and owner of Other Couture Jewelry, Mike Knight, weighs in on his work with celebrities hasn’t changed his lifestyle or business and  lastly, Perry Doig of Rose Gold San Francisco asks some questions that really make you think about your situation.

So without further ado, listen in as we talk about how the way you present yourself could actually be hurting you as a professional, how amazing breakfast casseroles are and how your image is not your reputation.


Colin O, Perry Doig and Mike Knight can all be found on their Instagrams or in their studios respectively.

This episode is sponsored by PunkMedics and Amory Body Arts.

Episode 37 – Smashing the Mirror: Being True to our Online Personas