Amazing Patreon Reward!


In episode 41, you heard us talk about how Badur at Punkmedics made us some super limited edition tins of Holey Butter with our logo on them! Badur did this as a total surprise and if I do say so myself, I am blown away with how generous this is.


So how do you get one of these? If you join our patreon by July 31st for the month of August, at the 10$ tier.You can get one of these tins sent with a personal thank you right to your doorstep. This is only for the first 20 people, and who knows if we will ever do this again,so If you want to join this community and get this awesome reward, head over to

In the future, if you ever want to help us out by doing more then just listening, consider joining our patreron to join our ever growing community of supporters. These donations in any size to our patreon fuel my ever constant and continued effort to provide higher quality podcasts in both audio and content.


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