Proudly announcing our new Sponsor…


I would like to proudly announce our newest sponsor of the podcast, PunkMedics. 


For those that know Badur and his company, I don’t need to tell you all the amazing things that they make or all the things that they do for our industry. But for those that don’t, PunkMedics is a Canadian based company who has been actively supporting and sponsoring piercer education for over 4 years. You may have met them at the annual APP conference as they have volunteered for the last 7 years. His company has provided our industries very first natural botanical based aftercare system for healing body modification procedures. The entire product line has,is, and will remain vegan and cruelty free.The products have been handmade for the last 14 years and are some of my favorite items for aftercare. Holey Butt’r and Simplecare are not only spectacular items but are ones that many listeners have seen in their friendly local piercing or tattoo studio.

Here at Real Talk, we carefully choose who we align ourselves with for sponsorship. We believe Badur and Punkmedics do so much good for the industry and couldn’t be happier with them choosing to support us and all our endeavors. So please take some time to go over to and check out all the amazing things they offer and try some out for your next body modification.

Here’s to the start of a beautiful friendship!


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