Episode 14 – Visual Media & Standing your Ground : A Talk with Luis Garcia


In this week’s episode, we wanted to take some time to talk with someone who I’ve looked up to for many years. Luis Garcia. Luis is an APP Board member and piercer at NoKaOi tiki tattoo in Philadelphia, PA. He has been an experienced veteran of the piercing industry since the 1990’s and has helped teach and develop piercing techniques that are used by many people. He is well known for his amazing ear projects and willingness to help other professionals in the industry.

His recent success with his Youtube channel has been a refreshing take on what many piercers view as a negative for the industry. His videos show properly done piercings, and proper techniques. While In the past piercing videos have caused anxiety in clients and mostly been done by improperly trained individuals or just to show the worst our industry has to offer.

Listen in as we discuss how visual media can positively reach clients, a reminder of where modern piercing came from and how to handle difficult customers.

Luis can be found piercing at Na Ka Oi Tiki Tattoo in Phildelphia or on his Instagram as LuisgPiercings. You can also view his Youtube channel here.


This episode sponsored by Other Couture Jewelry.

Episode 14 – Visual Media & Standing your Ground : A Talk with Luis Garcia

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