Episode 13 – Building your Brand : Help from an Expert


In this week’s episode, we wanted to take some time to talk about something that is a very important part of our businesses and careers. That is Business Branding. This is something we do to promote ourselves as individuals and as a way for clients to find out where to find us or where to catch us on our travels. Branding is so much more than just an image placed on a business card or dropped onto a photo for social media.

I ask my longtime friend, Sara Czernowski from Dorje Adornments back onto the show to give us an expert opinion on this topic. She designs and executes all of Dorje’s photos, ad campaigns, and printed media. Sara has been a designer for many years and carries a degree in Photography .She has created trends in social media that are copied by many studios throughout the world and has turned a studios brand into what many studios try to strive for.

Sarah can be found  helping you find the perfect piece of jewelry, answering questions, or making sure the piercers stay on task at dorje adornments in Rochester,New York.  You can follow her adventures on her personal Instagram at Szcerno or follow her amazing work at Dorje Adornments Instagram or DorjeAdornments.com.


Episode sponsored by Other Couture Jewelry . For more information, please visit our sponsors page.

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