Episode 10 – Is Piercing Art?


In this weeks episode, we are trying something slightly different. We speak with Colin O of Laughing Buddha Tattoo & Body Piercing in Seattle, Washington and Matt Bavougian of Onyx Body Piercing in Lincoln, Nebraska about a topic that is hotly debated between body piercers.

That topic is “Is Piercing Art?”.

We take some time to listen to different views of the topic, discuss technical skills & color theories and get passionate about something that means so much to all of us.

Colin O’s amazing memes and piercing work can be found on his Instagram. While Matt’s and his shop can be found at his Instagram.
Is it art

Episode 10 – Is Piercing Art?

This shows sponsor is Other Couture Jewelry. Please view their amazing designs and stay up to date with their jewelry on their Instagram.

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